You Might Be

‘Her mind is full of situations that will never happen. But they do happen, in her mind, over and over again. All the worst case scenarios, the best case scenarios and every single scenario in between. She imagines unimaginable situations, conversations, happenings. In her mind everything is possible, even the impossible. Sometimes her brain is so busy calculating all the ‘what-ifs?’, it has no time to do anything else. She has such trouble forgetting about all the things that could possibly, or impossibly, go wrong. Almost compulsively she has hundreds of variables in her head of how past situations could have gone different. Some of them keep coming back, they haunt her, they taunt her. She tries to oversee everything, not just this moment, but the next one, and the next day, and the next week, and the next month. She tries to figure out all the possibilities, so out of all of them she can try to make the best one actually happen. One of the possibilities is, stranger, that you let go. I know it is difficult, but you might be happy.’


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