If I Had A Shotgun

I love it when this puppy girl comes to snug with me in the mornings. Last night I had to chase her outside before she was able to plunge into a pile of leaves & bury my panties. That didn’t make me too happy… But, we have clearly put it in the past. Dogs are so sick sometimes.

This morning my ghetto ass neighbor with the old Chevy pickup revved his engine for 2o minutes again (right outside my window). It woke me up just like it always does, so I walked outside in my cheetah print nightgown (barefoot) & then realized I had no idea what to do or say, and that my hair looked like I’d stuck my finger in my socket. My grandma told me to go inside & then asked him not to do it anymore. People can be so dense. I swear, if I had a shotgun..

Just kidding. Have a great day dolls!!


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