If Ya Ain’t Cowboy…

Yes, he’s in my phone as ‘Loverboy’. Yes, he has a sick obsession with the Cowboys. No, you will not find Cowboy merchandise in our home unless it’s hidden in his man cave. Lord give me strength…

7 thoughts on “If Ya Ain’t Cowboy…

  1. Haha… Awesome post! That is kinda hilarious, his obsession with cowboys! :)

    My fiancé has an obsession with computers and playstation / xbox. Its horrible.. He put up this GIANT poster from some shooter game.. And I hate it, but I kinda dont say, cause I would just feel bad. XD He loves that damn poster, and well, its ok, for now I guess..

    (When we move, it will dissapear in the blue) *wooops* :P

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