My Village

We celebrated the beautiful Joies birthday this evening. My mum cooked one of my favorite dishes, her chicken enchiladas. We all sat by the fire, watched the Cowboys lose (Sorry I’m not sorry, Auntie & Andy…), laughed, and had an awesome night. The fire alarm was set off so we called and said it wasn’t an emergency & they didn’t have to come. Well they clearly misunderstood, because they showed up shortly after. Oops.

I am reminded every single day what a beautiful village I have been given. We took pictures, but they are on my aunts camera so I will add them in the near future. I feel like tonights going to be a long night, so I have my Amber candles lit & one of my favorite 8track playlists.  I think this week has plenty of positive things in store, so I’m looking forward to it.

Kelsey sent this to me earlier tonight. This is us on her sixteenth birthday. It’s crazy how time flys & life changes in a blink of an eye. We’ve made it this far, sis. You’re amazing, I love you.


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