6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have Sex With A Body, You Have Sex With A Soul.

  1. This video is exactly what I needed a guy to say out loud to other guys. Thank you so much. I thought I’d never get a man because I am a virgin and proud of it. But guys didn’t ever want me unless they could get my trophy. But luckily, I found the man I love to death now, and it looks like I’m getting a chance to show my heart and my personality before he tries to yank my pants off. Thank you, again, for making this video. It will give other women hope. :)

      • Hi Alissa! Go right ahead, spread the love:)

        Never be ashamed of your values. That makes you a woman who CHERISHES and RESPECTS herself, which is a rare and beautiful thing. I am so happy for you, I am sure your man absolutely loves and adores you. Wishing you the best. But ps, I didn’t make this video so I cannot take any credit! I just found it via youtube:) xoxo so glad you stopped by darling.

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