Just Add Love

2012 has been full of plenty of positive change – Moving to my new home in Logan has been one of the many transitions we have made. Andy & I have been so busy trying to get ourselves moved in & organized while still maintaining busy work schedules. I won’t be writing until we are settled into our new home (and have internet).

I love all of you & hope you all had a safe & fabulous NYE. Cheers to new adventures! All my love until next time, xoxo B


A sneak peek of what we’re working with here…

It’s not a lot, but it’s perfect for us if you…

just add love 

14 thoughts on “Just Add Love

  1. This is really cute! Very you! I love those little photos:) Good luck with the move! And is that your quote? So funny and so clever!

      • Oh Gosh, sometimes I just need a camera in my forehead so that I can click at everything that looks beautiful. And everything kinda is. That;s why a forehead camera would be useful… It’s fun pretending. ..When ours was busted and we were too tight to buy another one, that’s how we took our photos. Unfortunately, none of them came out. But actually, we kinda had a better time ,,,, hmmm, :)

      • I feel the exact same way! It’s fun just shooting random pictures, even if you aren’t sure if they’ll be good or not. Even bad photos have a story to them.

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