Take A Step Into My Office

Today I woke up in an awesome mood & I was ready to work. It’s been really busy, so my day through Instagram is the best you’re going to get. I have some studying to do and I need to run some errands as well. I hope you’re all having a beautiful Tuesday! It’s gorgeous here in Logan, has been all week. If I had a dog, I’d walk it (or even a cat… ya I’m ‘that girl’, don’t judge me) Anyway, check out this song that I can’t stop playing. Dance around your house, jump on the bed, live a little. Everyone is always so serious. All my love until next time, xoxo Bee

A zen kind of morning

Told you it was a nightmare! But it’s my nightmare, and I love it:)

Base color: Caffeine Fix by Sephora

Tips: Traffic-Stopper Copper by Sephora

Top Coat by OPI

You know you have a nail polish problem when you touch up your nails and want a new look an hour later..

Lists run my world. This weeks is not messing around.

I decided we should have something other then tonys pizza & beer for dinner (classy, I know). Tonight I made baked chicken, garlic potatoes, corn, and steamed carrotsl. I always have way too much meat leftover at dinner, and Andy can never have enough. We balance each others plates out perfectly.

I worked, napped (I know, I’m spoiled), did laundry, cooked a delicious dinner, completed my first assignment for class tomorrow, and am now ending the day with my best friend and love of my life. Can I get a hell ya? Or a ‘thank you universe’ is suffice ♥

Tomorrow… First day of school, cause’ momma didn’t raise no fool. XOXO

Ps. My mom is funnier then your mom

8 thoughts on “Take A Step Into My Office

  1. Bailey! I almost did a post about my office (only cause its my first big girl job and i wanted to share) but its crazy how the first thing i noticed about yours is your tea!!! thats what I’m known for at my office. crazy tea lady..cause i drink a cup…swear…every hour. thanks for sharing doll!!!

      • i am a starbucks fanatic so i usually drink the Tazo Green or Orange Blossom tea. I’ve also had the organic chai. I see you drink the Tazo Zen…never had it! Any good? If i run out, I’ll stop by the grocery store and just buy the regular lipton green tea and honey. its my life!!!

      • The Tazo Zen is super yummy but really subtle, which I like in the morning before breakfast. Yes I love that you put HONEY in your tea, everyone thinks sugar is the right way to do it, but they’re wrong:) cheers (imagine a mug of tea:)

  2. I Love TAZO tea. Have you tried Wild Sweet Orange? They don’t sell it in Starbucks anymore but some grocery stores carry it here in Canada. My sister introduced me to it in Vancouver, British Columbia at Starbucks. When it goes on sale I have to buy two boxes. I don’t drink it often because it’s really concentrated but when I DO have it, it’s like having DESSERT!

    • No I haven’t tried it, but I have heard so many good things about it (and recently, which is funny). MMM I love tea that tastes like a treat. I adore Avedas loose leaf tea it’s soo delicious and comforting. What part of Canada are you from? My family is from Calgary, Alberta

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