She Rose

I sat straight up in bed, it was pitch black, and I had nothing to say but ‘fuc*’

(How ladylike)

For no reason at all. Sometimes when dreams & reality clash it’s a strange awakening. I guess that is kind of what I experienced this morning. My makeup is on from yesterday & my hair looks like I never went to bed. I’ve already finished a can of coconut juice, a cinnamon roll, & taken all of my vitamins. I fell asleep relieved & rose covered with a cape of nerves & a bit of wonder.  I suppose we all have days where we go into deeper thought then our typical day. It doesn’t necessarily deserve to be classified as a ‘bad mood’, just a different mood. No matter what I’m feeling, I’m simply grateful I have the ability to do so. That I can express my emotions in more ways then even I have explored. My options are endless, the world has given me a life of no limits. Just as it has for you. To live everyday with a peaceful mind… That is what I hope to do. To give each heartbeat credit beyond a thud, your strong legs that carry you respect, and to feel brave enough to allow your mind a bit of freedom when society pushes nothing but structure.

‘None but ourselves can free our mind’

[Photo Via ‘We Live Young’]


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