How Many Favorites Can A Girl Have?

I’m attempting (& failing) to squeeze in time to make my favorite blogs more accesible through CIC, but I am realizing that I just can’t be that patient. So until I get the new layout for CIC, here are some of the blogs I want to give a shout out to. You’re all truly talented & I genuinely enjoy following your blogs & seeing your creativity flourish in your everyday lives. I hope that all of my amazing readers take the time to drop them a line & see what they are all about. I plan on sharing my favorite blogs as often as I can (I have a ridiculous list in my bookmarks… r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s)

Keyboards ready….? Bookmark away, babes. XOXO

Sequins & Stripes

Meet Janeth

Strata Flora 

Miss Renaissance 

I am not a supermodel 

Musings of a Wanderer 

4 thoughts on “How Many Favorites Can A Girl Have?

  1. AHHHHH. i am tearing up! you are such a doll. thank you so much for giving me a personal shoutout! i seriously pray one day i am as talented as u. thank u for all your support and encouragement!

    • Oh sweet love! You’re more then welcome, I am happy to! I want to share great bloggers with my readers, you deserve it. You are so talented and have your own twist on things which I love. Sometimes I read blogs (like of joe/rockstar diaries) that are soo good and I get discouraged about mine – But you truly cannot compare yourself to anyone! You have your own style & are your own individual. Hope you had a great day:) xoxo

    • You, my dear, left me speechless. Thank you is not suffice. You are so kind and I greatly appreciate readers like you. I love your blog so that is why I liked your post! I hope that we can both continue to inspire each other and stay great blog-friends:) xoxo

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