Priorities & Malfunctions

I am working today and then I have an article to write for class. Not much blogging on my end this weekend. My meow & I have been working on an upgrade for the site, and have run into some complications. Hopefully we will have it fixed by tonight, but bare with me while we work on it (okay, while Maria works on it, she’s the computer whiz).

Andy and I are so sad that we can’t be at Sundance in PC. We are missing our family & friends in Salt Lake but are going to try & visit next weekend. It’s hard sometimes, but we have to keep our priorities straight.

Enjoy your weekend sweets. xoxo, Bee

If we lived in the city, this is what today would bring. Dalmatians remind me of my sweet grandmas dog Oreo who passed years ago. He used to get so excited & run as fast as he could through the front door. One day he slipped on the rug & flew into the wall. My mum & I laughed so hard we cried. He wasn’t hurt, he just went on with his day like nothing had happened… Bless his heart. We miss you stinky boy. XOXO

4 thoughts on “Priorities & Malfunctions

  1. Just curious but how difficult is it to run your own custom site (i.e. .com)? I am new to all of this have have not decided on whether to purchase my domain name or not yet. Any advice would be great. Thanks again.

    Viva la journey,


    • Hey CT! Getting your own doman is super easy! You can do it through wordpress (which I did) and buy your own .com

      You still run your own domain through wordpress just as you are now. I am currently in the process of going through where you have more control as a webhost. It is a bit tricky, my best friend is helping me with it. I will keep you updated with the process of this! I think that having your own domain name is great and adds a professional touch to any blog. Cheers! xoxo

  2. I agree! I just heard that it can be intimidating but allows you much more options to customize your site as well as put ads and what now. Please keep me updated! Thanks Bailey.

    Viva la journey,


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