Slouchy chic has been a favorite of mine ever since I started to devise & develop  my personal style. I am a firm believer that when you feel good in what you’re wearing, you look good. Uncomfortable outfits that make you feel out of your skin are things of the past. Say goodbye to, ‘Is my ass hanging out of this?’ & hello to ‘I know I look good’. Here are some of my favorite looks for ‘Slouchy Chic’

What… Do beds not count?

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17 thoughts on “Slouchy-Chic

    • Exactly, it has that sexy feeling to it no matter what you do. Even when my hair is on the top of my head with no makeup I feel pretty in outfits like this. You can still wear it in the winter! I would just layer. I wear leggings underneath my skirts with leg warmers if they are hidden. Then some warm boots like Jeffrey Campbell Litas. then I just wear a sweater on top. It is one of my go-to looks.

  1. You’re so right about feeling comfortable in what you wear! It definitely does make a difference in how other people see you as well, as you come off more relaxed and chill. PS I LOVE Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I need to save up and actually get a pair to stumble around in one of these days.

  2. Heck yea! I used to wear these outfits that were wild and crazy, but not too comfy. I enjoyed it at the time because I was expressing myself through fashion. It was fun, but I remember being too cold, or unable to breathe much or afraid to sit down and mess my outfit.

    These days I like a nice fitted shirt and a flowy skirt or skinny jeans and a warm baggy sweater. I love scarfs and knit hats and luckily this is all in style where I live by the beach.

    I will always dress for me and to make myself feel good, not so others like my look.

  3. i love your taste in styling…it’s so fab! I have a friend that dresses similar to this and it seems so quick and fun… just grabbing something out of the closet and throwing it together….effortless style. Swagginnnnn!! :)

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