I am honored to have received the Versatile Blogger award from two fabulous bloggers – CelesteLeah Oviedo. I am humbled & so appreciative of this award from both of them. Thank you so much!

The Versatile Blogger Award has the following rules:

  1. Post a picture of the award
  2. Thank the award giver
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers about this and tell them so
Random Things

1. I have never had a cavity. It’s a weird thing to be proud of, but I am. Braces were enough for me – No need for cavities as well.

2. I can gleek like nobody’s business. It’s really pretty gross actually but if you’re into that stuff you’d be impressed.

3. I talk to myself – A lot. Especially since I started working from home & I don’t have anyone around to talk to. Maybe I’m crazy but I’m happy so it’s fine by me.

4. My tear ducts are practically non-existent. The smallest things can make me cry. For example, Mob Wives – Crazy bitches ripping each others hair out while their husbands are in jail. Yup it touches my heart. Who knows.

5. I’m a house snob. There are crumbs on the stove & they BURN when you cook other things – Can you blame a girl for getting her bitch on? It’s a bad habit and my boyfriend hates it. He came home to a list of things that were irritating me & that I wanted to work on a few weeks ago. Lets just say we don’t do lists anymore:)

6. Banana popsicles are my favorite, especially during my shows. I can eat a whole bag in a week, and once again, Andy thinks it is disgusting. Honestly, I don’t see a problem with it… Most the time.

7. I can pull the most hideous faces you’ll ever see in your life. It could probably be considered a talent if I didn’t do it so often. Embracing my inner dork came easy for me. I’m cool with not being cool. This is me. The weirdest girl in the world.

Onto what is really important – The blogs I nominated.

Such Small Steps 

The Sparkle



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Glitter & Gold 

Love & Cupcakes

Uncharted Style 

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In Search Of Wonderland

Simply Healing

Travels of An Ambitious Appetite 

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A Spoonful Of Suga


16 thoughts on “V.B

  1. I’ve so much fun reading your post Bailey! I can relate one fact about you, “Talking to yourself – A LOT” , I also talk to myself especially while walking and I have to say that I also sing a song while walking! It makes the time unnoticed! :)

    Lastly, you deserved the award! Congratulations! Looking forward to read more of your post!

    • I sing too!!!! I always sing and I also RUN up my stairs singing in my underwear when I am in a really good mood. I am so happy someone call relate:) And it brings me joy hearing you say that you have fun reading my blog!! This is my pride and joy… So thank you:)

    • You’re welcome! You blog posts get better and better – You are one of the most beautiful women in the world and I mean that!! I love your style and confidence to show it off. I would love for my hubby to be a dentist! Nothing better then beautiful teeth. xoxo

    • Thanks lady! You’re fabulous and definitely deserve it. No they don’t have to be wordpress only – When I was first nominated a few months ago I didn’t know very many either so I just did five or so. Whatever works best for you:)

  2. Bailey,
    Thanks for the nomination. Maybe I don’t understand this process. Am I nominated or are you giving me this award? I posted it to the blog, something tells me I shouldn’t call this my first award, instead we will hear later. Either way, Thank you for nominating me, I’ll leave it on the blog until you tell me differently.
    Prepare to Crossover

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