Until We Are Burned

Look around, I am sure your eyes will stop on the girl that picks fights with her boyfriend because she is seeking more attention. More love. More, more, more. What you don’t know is he gives her everything she could ever ask for, and he can’t quite understand the reasoning behind her love for petty little fights. He tries to be patient with her, he tries to give it time. After months, their relationship comes to an end. Life feels sane without her temper. She has been burned, and she attracted everything she never wanted.

Then you’ll see that boy that finally found himself a good girl. She has helped ease his edges & shed light on his soft heart. She sits with him and walks him through every question on his homework he just can’t figure out. She is patient, she is kind, she does not judge him. But suddenly he is done, he is done with the love he knows he needs because he is not ready for it. She has been burned.

None of these people asked to be hurt, but in the long run all four of them walked away with diamonds that were once coal. You live and you learn & sometimes it is going to burn. I have grown enough to realize the bad relationships in my past have lead me to the love I have always dreamed of. But it began with myself. Self-love creates a net that is made to catch soul-mates.

If you have been hurt, begin with yourself. Compliment who you are on a daily basis, learn to adore every inch of yourself – Inside and out. Thank the men/women who said no to your love! Thank them for leading you to a new path, one with promise & excitement. Love is not always fun. In fact it is often dark & lonely.

Start writing your lessons you learn down, even if your hand trembles. Forget sleeping with your backs to each other, and promise to never let the sun set upon an argument again. Slowly but surely you will find each other where you can love one another with all your heart. You matter. Be with someone who knows that.

Until then, be patient. The best things come with time. Perhaps we cannot appreciate real love until we are burned – So let go, free yourself, and take a step into the unknown. Love will find you.


14 thoughts on “Until We Are Burned

  1. “Start writing your lessons you learn down, even if your hand trembles. ”

    I love this post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

  2. Reblogged this on Small Town Diva and commented:
    I just love this post by a fellow blogger…check it out! One of my favorite parts: “Start writing your lessons you learn down, even if your hand trembles.”

  3. I am just so in love with your blog and this post. Love how honest and truthful you are. Thanks for my little daily dose of inspiration :) ….by the way, I added your blog to my blog roll, is that OK ?

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