Holy Devastation

Devastated cannot even begin to describe how I am feeling about my Macbook that is officially fried. While putting the finishing touches on the article I have been working on last night I spilled water on my keyboard (five minutes before it was due). That resulted in me running down the stairs to tell Andy what happened absolutely hysterical. Tears and snot all over my bright red face. It was awful. Call me dramatic but that computer has all my photos, writing, and work information on it from 2010.

 I took my computer to the Mac specialists this morning & they broke the news. Needless to say, I will not be blogging until my new computer comes in the mail. I already have the shakes from withdrawal (kidding). Sending you lots of love & smooches for the next few days via this PC I can’t work for the life of me.

God damnit.


PS. I hate being so depressing & leaving you without a single ounce of inspiration or laughter. Follow this link to my favorite video this week. Kirsten is my soul sister… You’ll get it once you watch. Enjoy

6 thoughts on “Holy Devastation

  1. oh NO! that’s not good. were you able to recover your docs and photos?? don’t worry… we won’t forget about you. good luck!

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