Blue Life

After I realized my work phones weren’t working this morning I hopped in my car & went straight to the Apple specialists. I decided that although my blog could wait, work could not. So I took the plunge & bought a new Macbook Pro. The rest of the day at work was smooth & productive – And my stress level went from a 12 to a 1. So after a bit of a meltdown on my part, I am back! And sane. For the most part.

As many of you know I am all about comfort in everyday outfits. One of my favorite sites to shop at is called Planet Blue. They have a plethora of different styles and options, although they are a bit on the pricey side. My favorite item today is called the Chic Easy T Dress. You can literally do anything with this dress. You can rock it with some heels & accessories & be set for the evening, or you can wear it by itself & keep it casual. It is definitely going on my wishlist for this Spring.

My to do list is redonculous this evening but I am sure I’ll be back later, but until then enjoy shopping at Planet Blue. XOXO 


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