Confidence For The Day

I have those days where I’d really rather not do anything with myself. Where I’d rather have wild hair, a naked face, chipped nails, & socks that don’t match. Those days where your eyes look like you just woke up even hours after you did. This is usually when I am stressed or overwhelmed.

Lately I read this quote when those kind of days sneak up on me –  I instantly turn to my closet for the comfiest yet most beautiful outfit I can manage. It’s always either black or white – Because right after I’m dressed, I coat my lips with my favorite red lipstick. It works like a charm, and it gives me the confidence I need to take control of my day. Try it, I promise it will work.

All my love, B

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.

Elizabeth Taylor

25 thoughts on “Confidence For The Day

  1. Oh! Oh! Oooooh! Thank you so much for this!! That was the reminder I needed to pull myself together, go out and be the woman I meant to be!!! Thank you for this entry!!!

  2. I think i’ll just stick to the “pour yourself a drink” part and skip the lipstick. I think that would be best for all parties involved. LOL


  3. yeah, i did that. i have everything set up. but it keeps sending me back to my old site that is not self hosted from my new one that is self hosted. its dreaming me insane.

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