I Love To Love You


11 thoughts on “I Love To Love You

    • You know Edward, I just want to say thank you for asking me that. It’s nice to be asked questions vs. answering them every once in a while:) I do have someone in my life who inspired this post. I am happily in love with my best friend, Andy.

      • From what I’ve read, everything you do is done ‘happily’! You’re lucky to have someone who inspires you that much. And he’s lucky too, obviously. It’s a … what’s the opposite of a vicious cycle? It’s a mutual admiration cycle. Have you known each other long? I’d guess so as your posts get deeper and more expressive each time.

      • We have known each other for a year and a half – But we have been ‘exclusive’ since April. I am not always happy & not always inspiring, but I do try & maintain a positive/uplifting attitude especially for my readers.

        But trust me, I get in cranky moods & have bitch fits all too often. Thank you so much… You really have made my day. And by the way, I hope to know your REAL name eventually :) xoxo

  1. So proud to say my husband and I have this kind of love. Not every day, but most days. Tonight we ate Chinese food at our coffee table and watched a Disney movie with our kids. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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