When I was wee I spent hours searching my grandmothers yard for creatures. I had a love for insects – I truly thought they were so beautiful. I no longer spend my free time searching for, collecting and educating myself about bugs but they still fascinate me. Whenever it rains & I go on a run I swear to god I look like a damn fool dodging worms & snails. Andy & I are glued to the TV when Planet Earth is on (or anything on Animal Planet) & if he ever catches me on my phone he goes, ‘BABE! You’re MISSING IT!’

This photo caught my eye and I had to know more…

Caddis fly larvae are known to incorporateĀ bits of whatever they can find into their cocoons, be it fish bone or bits of leaves. Hubert Duprat gave them gold, turquoise, gems and pearls and this is what they gave him.

Perhaps if we stop spraying harmless bugs with poison, killing them with our shoes, and being disgusted by them we can begin to really appreciate the miraculous things bugs are capable of. Like us, they have flaws, but once again… The beauty takes the gold.

Cheers lil’ lovebugs

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