I Spy

I adore this DIY clutch from I Spy DIY 

Sometimes you don’t need a big bag when you’re at a cocktail party. A clutch is perfect for those kind of events or a day out on the town.  This is super easy to do & inexpensive. Get to it, babes!

Oh, and for the love of god, please paint your nails/fix any chips. If you don’t that will be one of the first things people see. I am guilty of this in the past until I realized how awful it looks and how fun it is to try new nail styles.


I also love both of these clutches


2 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. I totally agree – your nails must always be done – no chipped paint, no ragged cuticles and yes, it is the first thing people notice and knowing that they are in rough shape will just make you feel self conscious – not confident.

    • I am so glad I’m not the only one that thinks this. Even if you don’t want anything fancy or any color on your nails it’s important to maintain length/cuticles. A clear coat makes the biggest difference!

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