Meet Me There

At 11:45 last night I received an email inviting me to a press conference with NASA representatives at the OC Tanner Lounge. At 4:30 I will go to gather some information & do some interviewing. My stomach is already in knots. I will be sure to walk at a normal speed vs. speed walking so that I don’t show up with beads of sweat on my glistening forehead. Serious. I wish it were a joke but it definitely is not. The beautiful thing about life is if you are willing to expand your horizons you can meet some truly incredible people. I just need to work on not being intimidated by them. Or sweating on them.

Yesterday was a 12 hour work day for me. I know many people work that & more on a regular basis but I’m not quite accustom to it. After that I worked on my interview. I went to bed exhausted but relieved that I had done everything I could do with the day I was given. And so here we are with another opportunity & I am so eager to shape it into the productive, positive, educational day I know it can be.

I saw this on Pinterest & immediately thought of my person, my sister, my other half — Kelsey Loraine. We talked on the phone last night about sacrificing now so that we can live a more fulfilled life later. I have expressed my concerns to her about my success at school, so she gave me a pep talk which involved Lance Armstrong & his will to be a champion.

Naturally, we both have aspects in our lives that are testing us right now. We were raised by strong women and I know we can overcome these obstacles. It’s just nice to know that at the end of the day I have her to go to when I am discouraged & overwhelmed with doubt.

When I send my article in at 8:59 p.m I will shut my computer, play this song, close my eyes & meet you here.

All my love, Bee

photos via Pinterest

8 thoughts on “Meet Me There

  1. Bailey you are truly an inspiration and I know that seems silly because we live states and states away from each other..but your hunger for life blows my mind and your posts always brighten my mood. you will do absolutely great. be yourself.

    • Thank you! It was truly an incredible experience and I am looking forward to having more like it. I learned so much. Thank you for the encouragement it means the world to me and helps me a lot.

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