No Time For Nonsense

I just got off work & now I am ready to clean, clean, clean! Except my nostrils feel like someone shoved cotton up both of them while I was sleeping last night, there is possibly a little person in my head kicking my brain, & me eyeballs feel partially shriveled. Ooh yes, the glorious signs of a cold. But I refuse to get sick. I don’t have time to be sick right now. I’m going to make some tea, double up on vitamins, and have a hot bath before I put an end to this nerd/laundry/dishes MADNESS. Here are some natural cold remedies that look pretty interesting. Much better then chugging a bottle of nyquil…. usually.

I love you little bugs, have a happy non-congested day! XOXO


15 thoughts on “No Time For Nonsense

  1. I totally agree; I’m just getting past a sickness and the natural remedies have definitely helped move long the infection out:) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Oh my gosh… How did you know this is exactly what I needed! I love your blog! I’ve never followed/read/blogged before and this is getting me addicted Bailey!

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