Life Is Made For..

I have found a new love that makes early mornings something to look forward to… Eggs over easy, wheat toast, cholula hot sauce & a good book in bed. I used to make scrambled eggs every single day after school in elementary. I wouldn’t eat them with anything except ketchup (I know, sort of gross). After a couple years I burned myself out & dodged all eggs. For some reason I woke up ready to give them another shot, and I’m glad I did. Add some coffee/tea & you’re in heaven.

I’ve decided life is made for pb&j’s & dancing your ass off in the kitchen (to this song, naturally), so that is what is on my agenda on my day off. The floor also needs to be mopped & I’ve got laundry for days. My closet will be color coated by the end of today no matter what measures I have to take to make sure of it. There are a couple sites that have great tips for the perfect closet. These are the two I’m looking to for guidance 1/2

All my love, Bee

12 thoughts on “Life Is Made For..

  1. I just finished “Catching Fire” this weekend. I won’t spoil it for you (some idiots spoiled some parts of the trilogy for me on other forums), but I will say I feel the first book is stronger than the second one. I’m looking forward to reading the third one, “Mockingjay,” when I finally get off my library’s wait list.

    • That’s how I have felt, it isn’t a bad book, it just doesn’t quite compare to the first one. Thank you for not ruining it for me! I wish people didn’t ruin parts of it for you, I hate that. Let me know what you think about Mockingjay when you get it.

  2. Closet fever is in the air! Just posted my finished project and was also inspired by the VERY SAME picture. I can’t imagine having so many clothes. How could you wear them all? (ha!) I’m sure yours will turn out great and just color coding or re-organizing can make it look fab! Have fun. …. also, those eggs like DELISH!

    • It’s because we are itching for Spring! I can’t either — but I’d find a way! Thank you so much. I agree, it makes a big difference especially so that you can spot the colors you’re lacking in.

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