White Walls

Dear Universe, thank you for my home.

Thank you for the white walls that enclose this place full of love, passion and adventure. Walls that are perfectly bare, so very empty. Almost like they are begging me to begin spinning among the creativity within until the colors of my spirit come to life on a super-sized canvas. We all need a beautiful place to clear our thoughts & just be — this is mine. I call it my sanctuary, my escape, my childhood dream grown into the best reality.

Love, me

7 thoughts on “White Walls

  1. Homes are important and so is having a clear head. I like you style, I did have white walls here for a while but my desire for posters got the better of me. You look great in your pic too!

    • Thank you so much Robby. I used to hate my white walls until I viewed them differently and realized they are fresh and inspiring in an odd way. I used to cover my walls top to bottom with fashion magazines etc. it was my favorite thing to do! It also helps with inspiration.

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