Being picky about what I put into my mind: #2

Todays motivational podcast is “The Masters of The Secret”

I read The Secret for the first time when I was a junior in high school. I was struggling at school and in my personal life at the time and was looking for any and all solutions. Bad habits were making my days revolve around negativity and I was tired of living like that — I was ready to give life my very best. After reading it my day to day life began to shift. My habits went from negative to positive and I was much happier. It wasn’t a miracle, it wasn’t magic, it was a decision I made that focused on turning my life around. The Secret teaches you how to handle life’s ups and downs and how to create a good life for yourself.

Follow this link to listen to Bill Harris talk to the people behind the Secret. The things I learned during my junior year in high school from The Secret  are still used in my life today. I hope you find it to be as uplifting & inspiring as I do.

To all naysayers: If you think The Secrets method of using The Law of Attraction does not work, then you’re right. If you believe it can work, it will. What you put out is what you get back. Your thoughts are powerful, whether you believe they are or not.

All my love, Bee

2 thoughts on “Being picky about what I put into my mind: #2

  1. Havent read thi one; it struck me as little to simplistic when it first came out, but I’ll have to check it out….I’m a huge believein the power of visualisation, meditation and positive thinking

    • It is very interesting. I like that you can take away what you’d like, if that makes sense. It keeps it open so you can make it your own unique belief if hat makes sense… I quite like it, I hope you do too:)

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