The power of a happy home

Before I moved to Logan I lived with my aunt Care (Carolyn) & Uncle Gregg. While I was there I learned more things then you could ever imagine. Some of those things were: how to dissemble a sippie cup (& clean it/put it back together. harder then you think guys), load a dishwasher correctly (I grew up without one & slowly became one), how to balance family & life’s battles, tricks to ace a college history test, the magic in cooking some mean risotto and more. Living there was a great growing experience for me that I will look back on fondly for the rest of my life.

One of my favorite memories was reading time with Talya in the music room. It was our special time together while Zeb napped. In the music room there are big windows that look over the city & allow even the slightest rays of sun through. The highlight of reading time was the Lemon tree we sat next to. We’d watch the lemons begin as wee buds & with time grow into delicious lemons that were used for “tickle pie”. It was cool watching something grow & talking to Talya about it because children have such a different perspective on things.

Here is a photo of the lemon tree last January. I have finally figured out why I loved this tree so much. It is because it showed me that anything can flourish in a happy, loving, healthy home — even during the coldest months.

I am now determined to not only have my very own herb garden this year but my own lemon tree as well. Here is a great post about tips to growing citrus indoors from Apartment Therapy. Check it out, and if you do invest in a lemon tree, do tell:)

All my love, Bee

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