I love the simplicity of maxi skirts matched with denim. This is my favorite look right now especially for Spring. It’s easy, comfortable and not too done up. The only thing I might add for an evening look would be a pretty pink or coral lip like this or this. Women don’t need glitz and glamour all the time. Smile, be good to people, and the rest will take care of itself.

What’s your favorite look for this Spring?


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  1. Hey doll, you are right on the maxi skirts… I find them sexier than the mini’s sometimes. I especially love them in denim. Have you ever shopped on VictoriasSecret.com? Great place to find the one-of-akind fashion piece.

    • Thank you! I think they are sexier then mini’s as well. And can tend to be classier/less stress (not worried about it riding up etc.) I have, Victorias Secret is a DANGEROUS place for me, I love their stuff!! Thanks so much, I always love your comments.

  2. I LOVE maxi skirts in summer; so much cooler than shorts or long jeans. I’m too old for sleeveless but I cast caution to the wind if I find a top I like.

    You’re keeping me feeling a lot YOUNGER. Thanks for the post.

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