Why do some women walk like their boobs are leading the way? They do not have eyeballs. You might be confused and think they do… but they don’t. Those are nipples. Pointing your breasticles towards your destination will not help you get there any faster. They are really pretty & great & I’m really happy you love them but please retire them as your GPS system. Boobs are cool but they are not THAT cool. I wish. I get lost ALL the time. Damnit.

Just stand confident, tall and straight. Don’t break your back in attempt to show more boobage. It doesn’t work.



6 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. I’ve not noticed that. I’ve young women walking with their arms folded tightly under their breasts, spending most of their time looking at their feet, as though they’re scared their shoes are falling apart. I think I’d fall over if I tried to walk like that. I’m guessing it’s a self-conscious thing if they know they’re being watched?

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