The Nicest Thing

Last week Nicole commented on the “Things I’m Loving” post & said this…

“Anthropologie makes such amazing furniture, I like how it all looks sort of worn, in a chic way.”


(by the way, Nicole has a great fashion blog, pop over & take a look)

Thank you so much for your comment Nicole, I love what you said. It helped me realize something I think many of us tend to forget: the shiniest things aren’t always the nicest things. This doesn’t just apply to furniture, it’s the same with other things in life. For example, tonight I cooked one of my mum’s recipes for dinner while we talked on the phone for an hour. It was so special to me because I miss being able to see her everyday like I did before I moved — it almost felt like I was back home in mommas kitchen.

That simple phone call wouldn’t be a big deal to most people, but to me it was the nicest thing. It just goes to show that the sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest. What does ‘the nicest thing’ mean to you?  (ps you may or may not love this song)

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