Decoration Devastation #1

Andy and I are so excited about our new tree!!…

But Roman obviously loves it more than both of us. He’s kind of out of control sometimes, which is normal for kittens.. but he has knocked down this poor tree at LEAST 5 times since we got it, ummm, an hour ago. I’m sure it’s going to live a long, good life in our house…

I love our crazy little Roman, and I love that we are making our townhouse into a home. Even if it is with weird palm-tree like things that I have no idea how to keep alive. 


19 thoughts on “Decoration Devastation #1

    • Thank you so much! He is so silly, I couldn’t help but just take pictures vs getting mad haha. Having plants helps soo much! I have a tough time in the gloomy winter months so I try and keep orchids/plants around the house. But Roman has helped me the most! Maybe you just might need your own little kitten:) Loved your last post by the way.

  1. Plants were favorite toys for my cats when they were small . Now they have chosen one palm tree(the most delicious i think) and eats it regularly))) But i don’t care about it because i adore them=)

  2. Very cute pictures! If you want Roman to nibble on some cat-safe plants, you can grow him some wheat grass and he’ll LOVE it! It helps with digestion and hairballs too.

    Keep the cute coming!!

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