Desperate Measures

My beloved french press broke this morning during a caffeine withdrawal. I’m so sad about it. All ya’all coffee-fiends know exactly what kind of shit show was going on in my kitchen when this all went down.

My hair was curly & sticking out in every direction from bedhead and my robe was tied in some kind of boyscout knot just in case. One sock is long & the other um… isn’t. Basically, I’m a wreck up from the neck up & some. Logan lets me down when it comes to a good cup of joe, so desperate times call for desperate measures….


I boiled water & put my coffee grounds in my measuring cup. Then I let it steep for 4 minutes, stirred it & began my lovely filtering process. I used my wee tea strainer (made for individual cups) until I had a full cup of coffee. Clearly not messing around here…

Then I took my proud & crafty self out on my porch & pretended to enjoy my coffee outside. That was quite the treat until I remembered how much I hate the wind (damnitttt). It’s just as nice on my couch with all of the windows open, so I am one happy girl. The best part is I’m not eating my hair while trying to sip my ground-free-coffee.

That’s a lie. The best part is that today is my day off & I get to spend it getting educated & loving/being loved by my sweet Andy.

Sometimes when you want something you have to figure out how to get it for yourself. And I was not about to go to class without at least one cup of coffee. I hope you’re having a fabulous day & that you don’t run into anything that interferes with you & your daily dose. All my love, Bee

8 thoughts on “Desperate Measures

  1. I don’t get desperate but I DO buy a coffee when I’m out and about (at Timmy’s). That Canadian for Tim Horton’s Coffee and Donuts. (Don’t have donuts anymore though. You should see where the show up after you have them. UGH.)

    • Isn’t that the worst?! ‘Mmm I love this so….’ and before you can say much, it’s gone straight to your ass! But, it’s good to indulge – I have always been a firm believer in a balanced behind;)

  2. I woke up on my day off last week and went to make coffee in my boda… only to realize my charming boyfriend, when asked to pick up coffee from my fav market in london… bought me beans and not grinds. I now have a big bag of delicious beans and no way of grinding them! Well… I have a pestal and mortar we use for pepper corns but I have yet to bring myself to use it.

    • Do it! Okay okay, you’re being logical… But oyeeeee that excitement as you zombie walk to the coffee pot right outta’ bed is the worsttt when it gets killed! I put mine in my old blender on a desperate a.m.

  3. Hey Darling seeing as you live in Logan, you should check out the company Cafe Ibis if you haven’t heard of it. It’s the company they use at my work and its lovely. Never fun to break a french press. ugh <3

    • Hi sweets! So, everyone I know has been ranting & raving about Cafe Ibis as well! So I finally went and I wasn’t sure what to get so I asked for their most popular roast — it was a wee bit too sweet for me, but I am going to go back and get a darker roast! I can’t wait. I’m sure I just need to give it another shot. What’s your favorite thing to get there? Thank you for the recommendation by the way!

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