Meeting the dragon in your life — and defeating it

The talks I have with my grandmother fill me up with fuel. It’s a sweet kind of fuel with a bit of a kick, and it provides me with the comfort I need to feel secure in many of my day-t0-day decisions (my mums words have this effect on me too). My grandmother will say things while we’re on the phone and I find myself thinking “write that down, that’s brilliant, you don’t wan’t to forget that.” but I fight the urge to run & find a pen & paper. Instead, I ask myself to listen closely & brush any distractions away during my special time with my grandma. It works — And it’s worth it. I don’t forget her words of wisdom because they hold so much value to me.


Last night we discussed life and how we each handle things. We talked about how it is natural to have good days & bad days. We laughed about silly things and had moments where we were quiet for a moment — content in our stillness & thoughts. Then we discussed a challenge I will likely have all my life: learning how to not do anything at all.  


 I have seen my therapist, Linda, since I was 17 years old. We have a beautiful connection & understanding of each other & I trust her with all of the things I hold near to my heart (& things I wish would stay away from my heart). About a year ago I had a pretty big personal “break-through” & felt like I was given another chance at life. I had completed the things I was told would direct me to the right path — and I made it safely, but once I got there all I could think was “now what?”. Linda explained to that that is normal. That for me, if I do not have a “dragon to slay” at all times in my life, I will feel lost — and she is right. That is why I choose to  always take on ‘loves’ (hobbies), adventures, and personal challenges in order to grow.


My heart is not ‘committed’ to a single passion, nor will it ever be. I believe in dreaming and never saying no to new ideas, even if you’re working on another one (or 5). I see all of the opportunities that are available to me as a young woman in this first stage of my adult life & I also see the opportunities I can create for myself.  My problems will never come from lack of adventure, learning, or love — but they could easily stem from failure to step back, take a big deep breath & enjoy the things I create.

“She had a revolutionary idea: she would make more time for life’s truly important things. First on the list: breathing

How many times have you worked late into the evening and rose early in the morning day-after-day in order to complete a project that your heart was set on? It can be anything: finishing a book, creating a piece of art, completing a 5k, donating clothes you don’t wear or simply your time to the local food kitchen. Or, for me, it is often publishing a blog post covering a topic that makes me feel alive.


Now ask yourself this… When you completed that project and checked it off of your to-do list, did you relax your shoulders, inhale some fresh air and say to yourself “Man, I’m so proud of myself!” or did you hurry and start your next task without acknowledging the good that you just did?


For me to enjoy the things I work hard for in life I have to create time to meditate, practice yoga, give back, and focus on my breathing instead of my fears. I must be more patient with myself, even when I don’t get things the first couple of times. These things help me feel fulfilled and motivated to create anything & everything my heart desires. And most important, they help me remember that it isn’t always about the destiny but the journey itself.


What is your personal challenge in life? Do you have things you do to center yourself & regain focus on what’s important? I’d love it if any of you would be willing to share those things with me — perhaps we can help each other work through this beautiful thing called life:)


4 thoughts on “Meeting the dragon in your life — and defeating it

  1. I like to think that: stop and smell the roses can be used for all things. You need to breathe after your create. You need to feel good about yourself (pat yourself on the back for completing current project) and enjoy your pride (not a big head) for a job that you gave your all BEFORE you start a new project. Think of it as clearing your head and re-energizing (my thoughts anyway).

    I love your energy. How the heck do you do manage all this and ALL the things you are involved in? I’m retired and I don’t have enough time!

    • I absolutely agree with you. You can’t create in an environment that is still focused on the project you’ve already completed! Must start a clean slate:) I love your view on this. Thank you so much Tess.

      Oh I wish I could call it ‘managed’! I just try my best to stay balance with work, school and my blog. My blog makes me so happy and lets me run free with my creativity — but my job & education are my priorities. I mostly have a hard time being disciplined enough to work when I’d like to ‘play’ (or blog:) Thank you so much, it’s the nicest thing when someone recognizes what you’re doing. I truly appreciate you. Hope you’re having an excellent day!

    • John, I have feeling you’re doing a wonderful job at making sure that exact things happens. There is no doubt in my mind that those you surround yourself with are very grateful for you.

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