Today was a day of “firsts”

I drove 15 MPH just like the University asked — I couldn’t wait to get home to my boys.

He stood in the round-about waiting for the bus. His head hung low & he stared at the ground. Black backpack strapped on-top of his black jacket. He looked sharp, but the way he held himself gave me the idea that maybe he didn’t think the same.

Something in my head clicked, “turn around & tell him!” — am I losing my mind? He’ll think I am such a weirdo

*whip my car around*

I slowly approached him in my car. As I rolled my window down raindrops bounced off of my dash. He looked up at me & I was right, I needed to tell him.

“I know you’re going to think I’m a complete weirdo, but I just have to tell you — you are one handsome man.”

His face lit up with a big ole’ grin. “Thank you” I felt as if 1,000 pounds had been lifted off of my shoulders. It was something that needed to be said.

I whipped my car back around & drove away. I didn’t feel crazy, weird, or random at all. I felt good. I felt ready for the rest of my day.

4 thoughts on “Today was a day of “firsts”

    • Oh thank you so much Zara! I’m so glad that there is something here for you to enjoy. You are so sweet and I so appreciate your kind words! Your blog is fabulous, I read every post and I love hearing about you and all your incredible accomplishments!

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