Step it up or step out

I’m trying to put more time into my little projects. I always have 5 too many & if I’m stressed it all comes crashing down. And then I sometimes cry — yup, like I’m five. Or worse, I publish my work that hasn’t been truly looked over to the extent that I’d like it to be. Anyway, it’s lame. My mom has always told me to do things right the first time so I don’t have to do them again — and not to do them half-assed. I’ll be the first to say I am not the best at following this life lesson… But I’m trying. I really am trying.


Today at work my mantra is quality over quantity. The things I do in my everyday life deserve my full attention — as well as demand it. I either have to step it up or step out. But I’m not planning on going anywhere. I have just begun.

Have a kick-ass day, sunshine.


5 thoughts on “Step it up or step out

  1. There are diminishing returns on perfectionism. That’s why I frequently hit ‘publish’ after I’ve gotten to the end of whatever I’m typing, regardless of whether it makes sense or has a couple of errors or whatever. In my opinion, the peace from being finished trumps the stress brought on by perfectionism. You’ll never be finished if you insist on perfection.

    Or will you?

    Because… look at a field of flowers. They’re all perfect, right? But they’re also different. They aren’t precisely the same. This means there is more than one way to be perfect. And sometimes it’s more important to capture the perfect moment than to capture the perfect grammar.

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