With A Face Like That

Ever heard a woman say that she is only as strong as the coffee she drinks & the hairspray she uses? Well, sometimes I feel like I am only as fabulous as the lipstick I’m rockin’. I’ve welcomed a whole new spectrum of colors in my life so that my soul doesn’t forget to shine in all aspects. And I will be honest, it doesn’t  always work. Sometimes I end up wiping it all off & saying screw it. But that’s what we do… we try different things until we’re able to find what works.

Now wearing: Just Bitten Lipstain+Balm Flame by Revlon


The best part about this lipcolor is it stands strong against any n’ all rain fall. From the sky, or from your eyeballs. So work it baby, & smile! It’s the best accessory.

(If the lipstain doesn’t work, I highly reccomend turning to this song  as an alternative Sassy-McSassterton-Boost)

15 thoughts on “With A Face Like That

    • Really the sweetest thing… It was so nice to come back to wonderful thoughts from my favorite readers. Thank you so much for your consistent support & kind words. You’re a gem.

  1. I love your fun post about lipstick and get it. For me it’s often nail polish! I love seeing that little splash of color on my toes. But I can’t help think that whoever said a woman is only as strong as the coffee she drinks etc. is crazy. It sounds like an marketing company ploy. Strength comes from inside not by what a woman consumes!

    Here’s an article I wrote that sort of speaks to that. At least a trick for accessing that strength. It’s called– Feeling not so shiny- try this trick. http://wp.me/p1Eh63-43

    That doesn’t mean that one can’t wear lipstick and nail polish and LOVE it though!

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