And just like that I realized that I am in the exact place that I am supposed to be at just the right time in my life. And that perhaps things aren’t ‘so bad’… maybe it’s simply time to adjust my perspective.

I am ready to grow.

I am ready to learn.

I am ready to stop living in fear and start being bold. Are you with me??



Have you ever struggled with this? What are some ways that you choose to be bold? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

All my love, Bailey Mikell

8 thoughts on “Bold

    • I think that is a very bold thing to do, without a question. It can be intimidating when you share yourself & your loved ones with strangers… It’s a very vulnerable place to be, but that’s usually where miracles happen… when we are vulnerable. Very bold indeed.

    I’m with you!! In Oct. 2011, I went natural…cut off all my collarbone length chemically straightened hair & my kinky curls made their debut. The chemical relaxer was beginning to damage my hair so I figured I’d do away with it, chop all my over processed strands and start over. Most African American women don’t have and will never see long hair without using weave, but I was blessed with a head full and was scared the relaxer would eventually stunt my hair growth. It took some major courage to not “fit in” & step out rock’n that TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro) after I chopped it all off and the looks I received completely tore that courage down. I ended up trying to hide my coils with braids or by blowing it out and using the flat iron to straighten it, which was just another way of killing it slowly when my main reason for going natural in the first place was to stop the damage. Here comes the BOLD part (I had to give you the background)…

    One day a friend of mine and HER friend (not mine lol who has silky straight hair) came by to pick me up for lunch unannounced. I had just washed my hair so my wild curls were springing all over the place. Before I could say anything “the friend of a friend” said (as she pointed at my head) “Damn, we shoulda called first. It’ll take you forever to straighten THAT out!” She LOLed while I thought of ways to make her choke on it. Well her remark made me say @$&! it! This is my hair. This is me. Damn anyone that can’t accept me for me! I had been doing it to myself for a while but the fact that someone else had the nerve to sugar coat diss my hair snapped me out of it. B, I haven’t “fit in” since. I rock my kinky hair (in the words of my lil sister) like a BOSS!! LOL…

    By the way, I’m glad to see you are back. I missed your posts. Sweetie, bouncing back…now that’s BOLD! You better work! ;)

    -Dreams of the biggest fro ever…big enough to slap someone in the face with,
    Sita B

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