Where Love Resides

How can we give so much attention to the tint of our lips & the shape our hips when the quality of our heart is what truly remains at the end of the day? When beauty fades & the soul emerges what will we have to show if our energy is directed towards our image, and our intention is to impress instead of progress?

Indie Arie put it perfectly…

“I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations no, no
I am not my hair 
I am not this skin 
I am a soul that lives within”

I encourage you to go to sleep with big dreams & rise with a purpose. And to dress yourself with love, respect, and a basic understanding that you are much more than what the mirror will ever be able to reflect. Don’t be so hard on yourself darling, you are beautiful.

All my love & wonder, B

13 thoughts on “Where Love Resides

      • This is a heck of a day to do this, since I took a break today, but I have this thing called Romantic Monday, where people write poetry, stories, songs, whatever, about romance. I know you are talented, so… are you up for something next week? Even if not, come and read other people’s posts that I link to – they are so uplifting and make me smile, and sometimes laugh.

      • I’d be honored to take part in Romantic Monday. Thank you so much for asking me! I haven’t focused much of my writing on romance (nor is there much in my current lovelife;) but I’d love to come and read some posts to get a feel of how things go. I’ll be reading older Romantic Monday posts tomorrow first thing. Thank you again, this is exciting :)

        If I can’t create something that is worthy by next week I hope you consider me in the future.

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