Midnight thoughts

I’ve had a lot on my mind about the quality of a person and how it is measured. Perhaps it is because I know what kind of woman I’d like to become, but I can’t quite seem to meet her halfway. So as I searched for some wisdom & pursued a solution I discovered an interesting quote and it had me asking myself this: If the entire world was blind, who would I impress?

Wednesday affirmation: I use my words wisely, speak sweet , and love deep. My love is felt, not seen. 

All my love & random thoughts, B 




6 thoughts on “Midnight thoughts

  1. You’ve never been seen, but you’re words always reach/touch me. Like any human even if you aren’t where you want to be yet, you are beautiful inside & out. The world needs women like you to continue to inspire women like me to keep defining who we are. If we are lucky that journey will never end, stagnancy & complacency is just a slow decline.

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