Classy with a K

I was planning to go & cook dinner with two of my girlfriends tonight after work, but we cancelled last minute and I was faced with a couple of (great) options: Attend the $5 Kid Cudi concert & have beer spilled on me by underage utahn’s that lie to their parents about their whereabouts, or go to taco-ake (taco’s and karaoke) and drink cheap tequila and be slightly unpleasant — I chose to do this…

After work I went straight to the bookstore. Once my arms were full I looked around for a place to sit & read the foreword for each book. I saw a tiny step-stool in the corner which looked like a lovely place to sit, but when I tried to sit down on it I fell right on my ass next to it. Pencil skirts don’t allow that type of bending. A little girl in the corner with a bear hat (hat that looked like a bear) saw and laughed at me. I smiled and moved to the cafe. I am incredibly graceful.

Long story not short, I spent a disgusting amount of money on 5 books and a terrible latte (or shall I say a tiny slice of heaven) and rushed home to squeeze the last drops of Blackbox into my glass, make some cheap pasta, and take my bra off. I’m too lazy to put my pasta in a dish, and no I am not sitting up to my dining room table. I’m getting a full serving of frozen peas and high quality grape juice, and I used almond milk instead of cows milk for my pasta. Did I mention I’m taking my vitamins? (Hi mom!) I am classy with a K.

When I have a little money I buy books. With what is left I buy food and water.” -Erasmus

I cherish my alone time. I’m an only child so I’m cool with it, and I also know what happens when I push myself to be too social. It’s ugly. I get cranky & then I sometimes get drunk to make people more interesting. Bad, bad news people.

My goal is to have these books read by my 22nd birthday. It’s extremely cliche to set a goal like that, but hey you know what I’m clearly not trying to impress anybody here.

1. Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

2. Things I Want My Daughter To Know by Alexandra Stoddard

3. Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

4. The 4-hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

5. A book I’m ashamed to share because it’s naughty & belongs hidden with my copy of 50 Shades of Grey.

By 22 I will have accomplished the perfect balance between becoming a vegetarian who has great advice for young women, only works 4 hours a week but makes one million dollars a month, doesn’t ruin every romantic relationship she’s involved in, and uses really big words. I’m doing big things people. Big things.

So, how was your day?

Cheap date

13 thoughts on “Classy with a K

    • PS, both Skinny Bitch and 4 Hour Work Week are EXCELLENT reads… Although Skinny Bitch might make you think twice or never eat some foods.

      • It was! These are the kind of nights that feed my soul.. And I am half way through Skinny Bitch. I have so much to discuss! I’ve never been a big meat eater, when I was young I’d refuse to eat it. There are so many reasons I have felt this way… but this book has simply validated these feelings. I’m speechless. Can’t wait to continue my research and write about it! Did you like it? Also, was 4-Hour Work Week difficult to read to the end? I don’t want to be let down by the content, everyone I know has really loved it! *crossing my fingers*

  1. The pata looks great. I dunno about wine and milk though. Your stomach is better than mine! And please tell me more about your job where you can make a million dollars a month. I need this to pay off my house. ;) Have a great weekend Ms. Bailey with a K

    • It’s my favorite cheap pasta that I used to ask my momma to make me when I was wee. It’s not the same without frozen peas ;) The almond milk is much easier on my stomach, I have a difficult time with Dairy in general so I try to avoid it. Wine is like water to me, it’s the best & worst thing. I promise to tell you all about my million dollar job after I read this book & create it ;) Happy weekend, celebrate life and smile lots! Thanks for commenting, you’ve always been such an awesome friend here on my blog. xo

      • Ah, I’ve always enjoyed your post Commander. …fresh, original and often a ray of sunshine sticking through the grey waves of Wi Fi. Hoping your weekend is full of smiles as well!

  2. Hahaha are you me?? While I wouldn’t mind a little drunken karaoke or a Kid Cudi concert, it’s pretty hard not to pass on bookstore browsing, wine, and pasta!

    In fact, a trip to B&N is at the top of my to-do list this afternoon. I’ve really been wanting to pick up the 4-hour Work Week for a while now!


    J. Parker

    • I loved all the options that were on the table, but I needed some “me” time to refuel. We seem to be quite similar… So I know you completely understand how that goes :) It’s so easy to get lost in the amazing books at B&N. Did you go today? Let me know what you think of 4-hour Work Week. I am reading Skinny Bitch right now, so I’m not quite there yet. Your blog is darling by the way, and I am so happy you commented on mine so that I can get to know you! Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. I loved this. I totally understand what you mean about the social thing. I am the same way, I can tell when I really don’t feel up to being around people without getting cranky. But that sounds like a lovely night. I am actually looking for some book recommendations myself !

  4. perfect night. I recently picked up a ton of books at my local thrift store… 1.) The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,The 5 Love Languages, Unfinished Business, and a copy of the 4 Agreements to hand off to someone. I’ve read it a few times and it’s a good one to pass around! Happy reading!

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