Drawing Me in And Kicking Me Out

I’ve had a thing for John Legend since “Ordinary People” came out in 2009. And I can’t say there has been a single song that he’s made since then that I don’t enjoy. He’s simple, he’s romantic, and he’s classy. 

He married his girlfriend of six years, the beautiful Chrissy Teigen, in September — and he wrote this amazing song for her. As I drove home tonight the streets were empty and my heat was blasting as tiny snowflakes bombarded my windshield. I hadn’t been home with the exception of my quick outfit change after work. As midnight was approaching I was in a hurry to crawl into my warm bed. It was the perfect time to turn this song up really loud and drive just a little bit over the speed limit. Hey, sometimes the rush mixed with a beautiful song is all a girl needs.

I mean the first verse, come on now. It’s perfect.

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