Booties. I love em’

Sometimes I’ll be somewhere and I’ll just get the sudden urge to smack someones butt. For example: at work. When it is TOTALLY inappropriate. Obviously I control myself and quietly make my way back to my desk. It’s almost like a “good game” kind of thing. Except we aren’t playing sports. We’re working. And not even that great of friends.

Like yo, can I touch yo butt? Or smack it kind of? It’s not even a sexual thing really. I mean if it’s my man then duh I’m going to tell him he has the best man-booty ever (men blessed with good butts in basketball shorts or sweats… I die)

But my best friend has a good butt. And whenever we’re at the gym or just you know, hanging out like best friends do I usually tell her how great her butt looks. And then we casually go back to talking about how my nephew, Lincoln, eats his boogers or something.

We all deserve a lil’ smack on the ass sometimes. Booties are one of the better things in life. So I’m going to embrace them — literally, and figuratively.

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