All In

It’s so funny how there are times when you think you have your life situation all figured out. You walk around in your underwear and a big ole hoodie while you dance in the living room to prepare for the day (oh, you don’t do that? you should..) You crave the little rush of confidence you get when you approach a challenge and you’re able to say to yourself “I’ve got this shit.” You wake up, you know you’ve got a plan, and you run through it like you’ve practiced it a million times. Flawless. You go to bed, dream big, wake up with a purpose and do it even better than the day before. It’s rare, but it’s so amazing when you set your intentions for the day and meet them. 

And then boom. You’re dealt a new hand and you’re not sure what to do next. Do you start slow? Reset your goals? Revaluate and check what you have to offer? Nope. Instead of over-thinking it you trust your gut and you go all in. The best part? When you follow that gut instinct beautiful things tend to happen..  And you end up leaving the table with more than you could have ever put in.

Life’s funny like that, isn’t it? Don’t be afraid to go all in my love, it’s worth the risk.
Poker Chips

3 thoughts on “All In

  1. Life is full of surprises and we do need to do a little dance once in a while if not every day. I believe positive thinking breeds positive outcomes. When you’re down, you attract negativity and your mood is blah. Think positive and the world is your oyster. :-D Think the little train that could.

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