He Adores Her

“A beautiful girl can make you dizzy, like you’ve been drinking Jack and Coke all morning. She can make you feel high, full of the single greatest commodity known to man – promise. Promise of a better day. Promise of a greater hope. Promise of a new tomorrow. This particular aura can be found in the gaze of a beautiful girl. In her smile, in her soul, in the way she makes every rotten little thing about life seem like it’s going to be okay.”

The Beauty Takes The Gold

After sharing the rant from hell I knew I just might regret, I read your comments & learned to breathe again. With the love & support of all of you I got through the hardest day Logan has thrown at me thus far. Those deep breathes resulted in this recent discovery: We can either break down or break through, and like one of my amazing readers said, we always, always have a choice. One of my readers whom I adore also commented on that post & gave me some food for thought…

“Sometimes I sit and watch the emotion unfold like I used to watch clouds form and unform until they passed from my living room window,” he said. “Doing that reduces the potency of the feeling but also helps clear your head and provide you sometimes with great insights. It seems at first a very zen thing or stoic but it will relax you and help. – just my two cents” Well, your two cents prevented this lil’ lady from losin’ my mind up in here. (Click the link, it will make more sense) Thank you Mr. Marymuthafuckingpoppins :)

Shortly after I spent some time unfolding, Leslie (Andys sister) invited me over to watch the Superbowl with their family. Such little things seem to get by without recognition, so I want to say thank you. I adore the Lundbergs & cherish the time I get to spend with them. Being with them brings me comfort that feels familiar to the kind I find with my own family, which is something my heart has been absolutely yearning for.

The lesson I learned in this mini-meltdown of mine is this: The on-going battle with my emotions was the root to a weed that can spread like a wild fire. But who am  I to choose what is a flower & what may be a weed? Despite the flaws in my situation I believe the beauty takes the gold. I did not see this at first, of course, but because of my readers, the Lundbergs and my loved ones I opened my eyes to what I have, not what I need.

It has been a little over a month since I loaded my car & made the trip that I had been waiting for for years. The transition scared the shit out of me… but I knew that I was on my way to a new home where I would grow & expand my ability to cope as a young woman in an old & very fast world. Consider this a big fat smooch & long hug from me. Some say strangers cannot make a difference, but I feel we have a connection, and all of you have indeed made a difference in my life… an unforgettable one.

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All of my love, B.


“Brave breast-cancer survivor Linda Burger, 56, has a few choice words for certain people who seem to think politics should be allowed to dictate policy when it comes to the life-saving detection and treatment of breast cancer.”

“This video contains very frank language and courageously graphic footage of a body that’s undergone a bilateral mastectomy, but it is highly recommended viewing for anyone who wishes to learn from a well-informed source what breast cancer is, and — perhaps more importantly — what it is not.” –The Daily What

Please take five minutes to watch this video Linda Burger made. It is inspiring & to the point.

There has been a huge reaction to the Susan G. Komen foundation and their decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood. Planned parenthood is the largest women’s health organization in the US and provides care for all women in need (primarily those with low income).

I have seen all the comments, hateful words, etc. and it is really disappointing to see this happen. I decided to step back & keep my comments to myself until things calmed down a little bit. I have supported SGK for years and ran in The Race For The Cure. I genuinely hope that this can be fixed & that we can move towards what is truly important: Helping women in need. I hope this video can help shed light on the fact that politics & breast cancer are two completely different things.

For more information on this go to this site

Embrace Who You Are

I get worried for young girls sometimes; I want them to feel that they can be sassy and full and weird and geeky and smart and independent, and not so withered and shriveled.

Amy Poehler

Confidence For The Day

I have those days where I’d really rather not do anything with myself. Where I’d rather have wild hair, a naked face, chipped nails, & socks that don’t match. Those days where your eyes look like you just woke up even hours after you did. This is usually when I am stressed or overwhelmed.

Lately I read this quote when those kind of days sneak up on me –  I instantly turn to my closet for the comfiest yet most beautiful outfit I can manage. It’s always either black or white – Because right after I’m dressed, I coat my lips with my favorite red lipstick. It works like a charm, and it gives me the confidence I need to take control of my day. Try it, I promise it will work.

All my love, B

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.

Elizabeth Taylor

Until We Are Burned

Look around, I am sure your eyes will stop on the girl that picks fights with her boyfriend because she is seeking more attention. More love. More, more, more. What you don’t know is he gives her everything she could ever ask for, and he can’t quite understand the reasoning behind her love for petty little fights. He tries to be patient with her, he tries to give it time. After months, their relationship comes to an end. Life feels sane without her temper. She has been burned, and she attracted everything she never wanted.

Then you’ll see that boy that finally found himself a good girl. She has helped ease his edges & shed light on his soft heart. She sits with him and walks him through every question on his homework he just can’t figure out. She is patient, she is kind, she does not judge him. But suddenly he is done, he is done with the love he knows he needs because he is not ready for it. She has been burned.

None of these people asked to be hurt, but in the long run all four of them walked away with diamonds that were once coal. You live and you learn & sometimes it is going to burn. I have grown enough to realize the bad relationships in my past have lead me to the love I have always dreamed of. But it began with myself. Self-love creates a net that is made to catch soul-mates.

If you have been hurt, begin with yourself. Compliment who you are on a daily basis, learn to adore every inch of yourself – Inside and out. Thank the men/women who said no to your love! Thank them for leading you to a new path, one with promise & excitement. Love is not always fun. In fact it is often dark & lonely.

Start writing your lessons you learn down, even if your hand trembles. Forget sleeping with your backs to each other, and promise to never let the sun set upon an argument again. Slowly but surely you will find each other where you can love one another with all your heart. You matter. Be with someone who knows that.

Until then, be patient. The best things come with time. Perhaps we cannot appreciate real love until we are burned – So let go, free yourself, and take a step into the unknown. Love will find you.

Two Birds, One Stone

As you know, I am a self-love-lova. Which is why I bought myself this BKR eco-friendly water bottle for myself for Christmas. I thought to myself, ‘It’s improving my mental & physical health, & it is damn cute.‘ So I went ahead & got it. I absolutely love it, it has not left my side since I bought it. My mum has always been a firm believer in drinking plenty of water (especially when I played soccer). So even though I’m not home anymore listening/taking your advice, I am still referring to my ‘Momma’s wisdom’ file frequently. I’ll still say it loud n’ proud; Momma knows best!

AND, the best part about buying a BKR bottle is that they  invest a portion in initiatives that combat the global water crisis and bring clean water to people who don’t have it. Support TWO great causes… Those in need, as well as your own health. Treat yourself love, don’t cheat yourself. XOXO