I’m Weird

Last night at dinner the girls & I were talking about all the things that we think are weird/get weirded out by. I had a rather large amount of things… So I thought I’d share. Can any of you relate?

Re-using zip lock bags

Perspiration on things out of the fridge dripping on my food/leftovers. Example: On tupperware, foil, or serran wrap. It’s all cold and wet and smelly…. 

The smell of cantalope

Using other peoples utensils/dishes or at restaurants

no you can’t lick my lollipop/ice cream cone or sip out of the same can as me

The smell of apple juice (it reminds me of runny noses & crusty old sippy cups)


Solid ice cubes in my cup… It’s too hard to drink & I spill & make slurping sounds/freeze my teeth

The smell of someone elses face on a please-wash-me-pillow. May I please have my own? Your head smells kind of dirty… At night…. 

Food in the fridge and not covering it. 

The smell of the fridge

Fruit I didn’t pick out… Especially if it’s soggy/mushy

Milk that has been left out and is warm. Wahhhh, whyyyyyyy???

When someone takes a big fat chunk out of the icecream tub… I eat it so it’s always smooth on top. Yes, I may or may not have a slight case of OCD.

The list could go on. It’s a little bit concerning. But… I am me. Right???…. Oye. What are you weird about? Any of the above?