And just like that I realized that I am in the exact place that I am supposed to be at just the right time in my life. And that perhaps things aren’t ‘so bad’… maybe it’s simply time to adjust my perspective.

I am ready to grow.

I am ready to learn.

I am ready to stop living in fear and start being bold. Are you with me??



Have you ever struggled with this? What are some ways that you choose to be bold? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

All my love, Bailey Mikell

Crossing Boundaries Within

That moment where I felt as if I could take one little skip & I’d immedietly take flight. That is when I knew — I am approaching a beautiful new chapter, the one where my dreams become reality. Can you believe we made it? Lifes got me feeling lifted. I’m on top of the world — stopping here is one of the only things that isn’t on my agenda. Nothing feels better then the adrenaline I get when I see the things I have dreamed of actually happening. 

The week is over & it’s time to enjoy what you created! Celebrate, you deserve it. We all do. It’s time to begin forgetting our flaws & loving the little miracles we unconsciously do every single day.