Golden Sleeps


I haven’t quite come out of this “hell week” mind coma just yet. Don’t worry, my “post inspiration” bookmark tab is full of good stuff just waiting to go live. I tried to make a homemade concoction this evening to share with you but bought thyme instead of rosemary… Signs that I should probably just need to take it easy before I do some real damage. By the way, most of us have ex-lovers that branded their bullshit in our brain for life, read this post to get a little laugh about it & a reminder that you’re never alone.

You know I can’t resist showing my lil’ boo boo head off…

Summer Nights

I had no idea these were so easy to make! This is my dream backyard. There would be a hot tub, fire pit, & a BBQ as well. Dream big right? I’d have my family & friends over all the time. It’s so yummy, I’d spend all my summer nights here.

& I’d bring these lovely little things out with me as well. They seem to be pretty fitting.

How gorgeous is this, by the way?…