A New Day

Last night I felt like I was going to rip someones head off. So I was really unproductive while I escaped in the bath tub because I was being an evil bitch & needed to have a moment. And that I did. But, today is a new day & that is the beauty in life. So I turned it around, faked it till I made it, & had an awesome day.

After a successful day of training at work I went to Shannons. I  was able to spend time with she and the girls, Taylor & Tanner, as well as Chris & Charlie. Before I knew it I had a happy belly, snorts in between laughter & only 30 minutes before I planned on being in bed. So instead of getting all sorts of crazy from moving anxiety, I decided to keep calm & spend some time with some of the people I love – And it was so nice.

Sometimes it’s a sign when you have a big project but keep putting it off for things like dates with a bag of York Mints in bed with Ellie Goulding turned up really loud (that was last nights excuse, betcha’ never heard that one before). A sign that is trying to say, ‘Stop being a tight ass & breathe. And have one more mint. Oh, & get OUT of the house for gods sake.’

I don’t know what I would do without all of the strong, positive, uplifting people in this little village of mine. Or all of the candy from my stocking. Needless to say, I feel refreshed & so not evil. I’m going to go plan my outfit for tomorrow like I used to every night from 7-11th grade (Senior year = Nobody cares, just get me the hell out of here), and go to sleep! It feels good to have adult responsibilities & child-like guilty pleasures.

My Method To Calm The Madness

On tonights to do list… 

Lavender epson salt in a nice hot tub. I really need to work on ‘Unplugging’ more instead of nerding out on here. I also need to walk away from Breaking Bad… I could watch episode after episode and lose track of time every single evening. I can watch it on my laptop now so that’s a little bit dangerous. I just have to keep in mind that it will always be there, netflix can wait, my peace of mind cannot.

I’m also working on reminding myself that despite my endless lists and urge to strive for perfection….
So ladies, I know you’re all fabulous and want to show the world… But trust me, everyone who needs to know already knows how brilliant you are. Don’t overwork yourself or take on more then you can handle just to prove a point to others. My advice to all the fabulous mums out there is to put a quick lasagna in the oven for dinner, tell your chitlins to do their homework or a halloween craft, and take a bath… You can only do so much.

And to all my girls who are losing sleep over worrying about a test, the argument you got in with your boyfriend, best friend, or parent, or whatever else it may be… Well, honey, once again, just take a bath. 

Are you seeing where I’m going with this?… Breeeeathe babyloves!!