Wanna Hang Out and Name My Plant?

Remember when baby-Roman went batshit over a tree? If not, click here to refresh your memory. So, that tree died and I was actually relieved because I didn’t want to move it back to Salt Lake when I left Logan. Long story short, now that I am settled I have decided to ease back into being a plant-momma.

My Aunt Carolyn gave me 4 new plants for my apartment and I love them. I now have 5 plants and a tree. I’ve come a long way from my plant-killing days 2 years ago. The air quality where I live is toxic, and the inversions last for up to a week sometimes. I like to tell myself the plants make somewhat of a difference when I walk through my front door.

Roman assumed I brought them home for him to suckle/chew/sniff/play safari cat in. So it’s been an interesting evening trying to find places where he can’t get to them. He’s a huge pain in my ass sometimes, but I sure do love him.

This guy is a non-medicinal aloe vera plant. And he has a mustache. So obviously he’s my favorite. He came from a home with 2 clever kids and my hilarious aunt, so I left the ‘stache because it suited him. I’ll name him eventually, but I usually like to do that when I’m intoxicated so I’ll wait until girls night with Kels on Friday. I get reeeeeaaal creative when I’ve had a glass of wine or two.

*slightly buzzed* “Kels, lets name my aloe vera plant!”

How do I have friends?


Happy Monday!

Hey everybody, fanks for reading my blog! We’re busy kicking finals ass & helping high school dropouts get an education, so we just thought we’d share this special photo with you instead of a regular post for today. Roman & I appreciate you! Thanks for being so awesome. Have a fabulous Monday, and as always, stay silly my friends.

xoxo, R&B 


ps. not even ashamed of any crazy-cat-lady pics anymore. don’t hate me because of this hot pic & the cat in it. Just love me for who I am, I mean, at least I only have one…….. :)

Comforting Blends

Learning how to “fight right” never comes easy at first… & although there is always room for things to be worse, I have to say being humiliated by someone you love is a gut wrenching feeling.

It’s just me, a cup of tea, & Roman tonight… The best comfort when it’s 3 A.M and your mum & sissy are 90 miles away.

Thankful I’m not alone because I am slowly but surely learning that (as much as I hate to admit) it scares me to death.

xoxo, R&B

Golden Sleeps


I haven’t quite come out of this “hell week” mind coma just yet. Don’t worry, my “post inspiration” bookmark tab is full of good stuff just waiting to go live. I tried to make a homemade concoction this evening to share with you but bought thyme instead of rosemary… Signs that I should probably just need to take it easy before I do some real damage. By the way, most of us have ex-lovers that branded their bullshit in our brain for life, read this post to get a little laugh about it & a reminder that you’re never alone.

You know I can’t resist showing my lil’ boo boo head off…

My Little Gladiator

As many of you know, Andy announced that he will be getting me a kitten for my Valentines day present. Obviously love-day has passed but I want the perfect little baby & that takes time. I searched as soon as we got home from our over night get away but couldn’t find a single kitten. It’s just not ‘Kitten season’ so I am going to be patient & wait until a sweet little love is in need of adoption. I want to rescue instead of buy from a breeder. If you haven’t already seen this blog that was freshly pressed, do it. Even if you don’t want to admit that you like cats… Your heart will feel all tingly & warm inside & I won’t even tell anybody.

I’ve decided his name will be Roman. Hopefully he’ll be black & run sideways across our floor or as I like to say “do the spooky cat” when he’s hyper.

I decided I’m going to be a parent who lets him express himself however he’d like — that’s really important for kids these days.