Swag vs. Class

Pull up your pants boys, you’re far from being gentlemen. Nuff’ said.


I hope your new years kiss was as passionate as this one. This year I can proudly say mine can definitely hang with these two lovebirds. (you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking, ‘Oh well, good for you.’) I’ve never had an amazing new years kiss, so I feel this years was well deserved. Anyway, this smooch is ideal but far from realistic. Ps. Sorry for making you throw up in your mouth a little bit mom (& boyfriends siblings) I love you, XOXO


By the way, I wrote this quick like a bunny after work today because I am having serious withdrawals from ya’all. It’s a good thing that blogging doesn’t have any negative effects (not usually, at least) or I’d be trouble. I have loved hearing from you while I take this little break to get my feet on the ground (& all of our shizzad off of it). Amazing kisses, a new home, & the best readers.. What more can a girl ask for? Thank you…