There once was a bag

Once upon a time mom planned on cleaning the litterbox but her ADHD got the best of her & she got distracted. An hour later, Roman crawled inside of the bags she was going to use & decided it was his new favorite place –– a little place for a little guy. Mom reacted as if he had just levitated off of the ground, which resulted in copious amounts of photos.

So irritated with me right now.

Then they snuggled & decided they had just had the best day ever. The end

My Little Gladiator

As many of you know, Andy announced that he will be getting me a kitten for my Valentines day present. Obviously love-day has passed but I want the perfect little baby & that takes time. I searched as soon as we got home from our over night get away but couldn’t find a single kitten. It’s just not ‘Kitten season’ so I am going to be patient & wait until a sweet little love is in need of adoption. I want to rescue instead of buy from a breeder. If you haven’t already seen this blog that was freshly pressed, do it. Even if you don’t want to admit that you like cats… Your heart will feel all tingly & warm inside & I won’t even tell anybody.

I’ve decided his name will be Roman. Hopefully he’ll be black & run sideways across our floor or as I like to say “do the spooky cat” when he’s hyper.

I decided I’m going to be a parent who lets him express himself however he’d like — that’s really important for kids these days.

I’ll Never Let You Go

I believe in love and I believe that dogs are truly one of the best creatures to create it. As many of you know I am passionate about many things, animals being one of them. When I was wee my grandmother took in abandoned kittens to foster, & nurse, them back to good health & happy hearts. She is the fuel that started this fire in my heart… Thank you, grandma. I remember bottle feeding the kittens & falling in love, my heart was sold. Their tiny bodies, soft fur, ears, pink noses, & slow deep breathes combined created a spell that overtook me. The love I have for all animals is not something I can put into words.


Today I finally admitted to the fact that Andy is the only thing keeping me from becoming a crazy, wine drinking, ass-shaking, cat lady. You all saw it coming.

These photo were taken a couple of years ago. They are of Capo and I, my dads dog. He is the sweetest giant you’ll lay eyes on. His bark is frightening and his kisses are healing. His big paws and head used to bring me comfort. When we took these I was just finishing an essay. He sat downstairs with me while I wrote it, and I will give him the credit for my A ’till the day I die. When I would help with the greenhouse & sell tomatoes, he would sit next to the door all day long — almost like he was protecting me.

Animals grasp my heart & soothe my soul — I love & miss you Capo. You are good boy, a very good boy. XOXO