Be – Do – Have

One of my flaws is not being able to tell what is up & what is down without my planner. I welcomed the new year with a brand new custom designed ‘Life Planner’ by the wonderful & talented Erin Condren, and I could not be happier.

I have ADHD (I know, you can’t find your shocked & stunned face anywhere, right?) so I need a lil’ extra help when it comes to balancing my life &¬†responsibilities.

My mum bought me a planner for my Senior year & it was all history after that. My obsession with sharpies, pens, & highlighters went to a whole new level, & so did my organization & ability to multitask.

Not only is it appealing to the eye, but inspiring on every page. There are so many options with this planner, & I know every woman/man loves having options. It is perfect for college students, business, busy mums, & many more. I can’t wait to see my goals for 2012 come to life because of writing them down & taking the steps to make it happen. Like I always say… Be – Do – Have¬†

Get yours here